Lost Luggage? Not a Problem in Saudi Arabia

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Storage excellence delivered for lost airline baggage – Hellmann openes unique warehouse for Saudi Airlines Catering in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

On January 16, 2018, Hellmann Saudi Arabia opened a new warehouse in Jeddah for their most recent customer, Saudi Airlines Catering. Hellmann was contracted to find a unique solution to handle airline baggage that was lost at Jeddah airport due to missing tags or unidentified markers on the luggage/parcel.

Thus, Hellmann established a warehouse facility at Al Nakheel Street in Eastern Jeddah only a few miles away from the airport. The warehouse offers a total storage capacity of 12,636 baggage locations in 1,350 square meters. It is operated by 11 professional Hellmann employees in partnership with a team of more than 20 Saudi Airlines Catering employees managing the checking room and office call center.

What makes this project unique, is that every bag entering the facility is being registered into the Hellmann LFS system using nothing but the IATA baggage identification chart and a reference number issued by Saudi Airlines that links to their own online platform. When a customer is looking for lost luggage, the Saudi Airlines online portal links with Hellmann’s LFS system to locate the bag. Hence, diligently reuniting the customer with their belongings – a very smart and efficient solution.

Due to the initial success of this phase of the operation, we are looking forward to expanding this service to the other Saudi Arabian airlines flying the skies. None of this could have been achieved without the great teamwork provided by the project team in Dubai with the local team in Saudi Arabia.

By Jose Jr Orpilla, Warehouse Manager, Hellmann Saudi Arabia

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    We would like to share these story with our customer~

  2. salaam

    we travelled on a flight from jedda to nairobi and nairobi to johannesburg on the 5 jan 2019

    jedda airport misplaced 5 luggage items of ours
    can you asssit

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