Local Heroes with a Global Network

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An estimated 35,000 ships comprise the global merchant fleet that travels on our oceans. Nearly 1,500 ships of these are serviced by the industry specialists at Hellmann Marine Solutions in Norderstedt near Hamburg, Germany. There, the threads of the spare parts supply for the ship fleet come together. A team of around 60 employees takes care of the punctual delivery of urgently-needed spare parts, helping to keep the global flow of goods running.

Jan Kleine-Lasthues, Global Vice President Hellmann Marine Solutions and Cruise Logistics

The Norderstedt location has experienced tremendous growth in recent years. In 2016, the Marine Solutions team, together with colleagues from Hellmann Cruise Logistics and General Cargo Air & Sea, moved into a new office building north of Hamburg. In 2017, the opening of a new warehouse in the immediate vicinity of Hamburg Airport followed. The range of services has also been continuously expanded and improved. Today, under the leadership of Jan Kleine-Lasthues, the Marine Solutions team fully supports its customers ranging from warehousing, import and export, customs clearance to customer service – and in a very professional manner as Cecil Grau, Sales Manager Marine Solutions, claims: “It is not wrong to call ourselves market leader in Germany in our business. Other big names also have similar industry solutions in their portfolio, but by no means reach the quality level we are working on.” The special feature of the Norderstedt location is that all the departments that are necessary for 360° care are located under one roof. Short communication channels, quick decisions, satisfied customers. That’s the simple calculation that Cecil Grau establishes.

“It is not wrong to call ourselves the market leader in Germany in our business. Other big names have similar industry solutions in their portfolio, but far from reaching the quality level we are working on. “Cecil Grau, Sales Manager Hellmann Marine Solutions
Worldwide deliveries from Hamburg to Ushuaia

Cecil Grau, Sales manager hellmann Marine Solutions

The self-confidence of Norderstedt’s colleagues is based on three key pillars: the many years of experience, the highly specialized staff and a global network that can respond to local circumstances and individual requirements at any time. “Local heroes with a worldwide network”, as Cecil Grau describes the team suitably. In this way, the requirements of global supply chains can best be met and solutions can be efficiently scaled. And that’s what customers trust. In the port city of Hamburg alone, around 20 shipping companies are among the customer base – whereby, strictly speaking, each of the almost 1,500 ships is regarded as a separate customer and also has its own supply requirements. The ships are supplied all over the world, whether in the harbor, in dry dock or even new buildings in the shipyard. “In addition to the major ports in Europe or Asia, we also deliver to the most remote places or ports in the world, such as Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego Argentina,” says Cecil Grau.

Flexibility, speed of reaction, reliability and absolute quality – these are the conditions that ships set as “moving targets” to a spare parts supplier. Finally, there is only a limited time window for delivery or repairs in the port. Here, perhaps more than in any other industry, “time is money”. Delayed deliveries or waiting times significantly cost money through increased anchor fees.

X-ray system in own warehouse

In order to best cover these factors, Norderstedt offers ideal conditions. The proximity to the Port of Hamburg as well as the Airport Hamburg enables a fast handling of imports and exports. With an X-ray system in our own Norderstedt based Warehouse, all cargo shipments can be prepared for airfreight quickly and easily, which increases the safety of customers and carriers and at the same time considerably accelerates processes. The warehouse in the World Cargo Center offers sufficient space on 6,000 square meters for the storage of ship spare parts from the smallest screw to the gigantic ship propeller, which of course is also handled by the Marine Solutions team.

In addition to the Marine Solutions industry solution, the team in Norderstedt, coordinated by the headquarters in Miami, USA, also serves the related industry solution “Cruise Logistic”, which specifically looks after the worldwide supply of spare parts for the global cruise fleet. Thus, special supply chain solutions are created for the requirements of the cruise fleet, serving all sectors of the supply chain from the seller through the supplier to the concessionaires on the cruise ships. The motto is: Creating added value from the source to the ship. The visit to Norderstedt has impressively demonstrated how a dynamic and highly professional team of “local heroes” deliver successful outcomes.

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