Hellmann Executive Board visits Dubai

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Right after our Worldwide Meeting in Hamburg, another highlight of this month followed with the anticipated arrival of the Executive Board to the United Arab Emirates on May 15, 2018. The Board’s two-day visit was designed with business meetings, facility visits, the inauguration of the Hellmann Indu Chemical (HIC) joint venture as well as a customer event at the rooftop of the famous Maiden Shanghai, Palm Jumeirah, in Dubai.

Inauguration of the Hellmann Indu Chemical facility at JAFZA, Dubai

Cutting the red ribbon: (from left): Jochen Freese, Dr. Alexander Blum, Robert Bommers, Dr. Thomas Knecht, Jost Hellmann, Kishore Lakhani (Chairman of Indu Maritime Group), Kush Lakhani (Managing Partner of Indu Maritime & Logistics), Madhav Kurup (CEO – Middle East and South Asia), Bart de Vries, Matthias Magnor, Aijaz Mohammad (Partner of Indu Maritime & Logistics), and Uwe Neumeier.

The Hellmann Executive Board along with the Indu Maritime and Logistics partners walked down the red carpet to inaugurate the joint venture’s Hellmann Indu Chemical (HIC) facility on May 16, 2018. Being the first international logistics provider to create a niche chemical warehousing facility in the Middle East, HIC has expanded to 3 Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) approved facilities, totaling up to 140,000 sq.ft.

This strategic partnership goes back to 2010, with the joint venture formalization in October 2017. Since then, the company has participated in several exhibitions both locally and globally, and won their first Health & Safety Award from OSHAD (Abu Dhabi Occupational Safety and Health Centre) for “Best Success Story” in the “Safety in Heat” Initiative.

At the inauguration of the Hellmann Indu Chemical site words of gratitude were shared to all the employees and family members who attended to show their support.

Customer Event at the rooftop of Maiden Shanghai, Palm Jumeirah, Dubai

The executive board on the rooftop of the famous Maiden Shanghai: (from left:) Robert Bommers, Jochen Freese, Jost Hellmann, Dr Thomas Knecht, Matthias Magnor, Dr Alexander Blum, and bart de Vries (execpt for Uwe Neumeier).

On May 16, 2018, the Hellmann UAE team organized a customer event at the rooftop of Maiden Shanghai, FIVE, Palm Jumeirah. The night gathered our longest, newest and potential customers who had the chance to socialize with our team and the Executive Board over drinks and canapés.

The soiree was exciting as we had the pleasure of hosting the Executive Board, Dr. Thomas Knecht, Jost Hellmann, Dr. Alexander Blum, Jochen Freese, Matthias Magnor, Bart de Vries and the newest member Robert Bommers. This exclusive party welcomed more than 60 of our top clients in the UAE which also included the customers from our joint ventures namely, Rudolph and Hellmann Automotive, Hellmann Calipar Healthcare Logistics and Hellmann Indu Chemical.

Later into the night, Madhav Kurup, CEO of Hellmann Middle East and South Asia thanked the invitees and the board members, followed by a speech on the progress of Hellmann globally by Dr. Thomas Knecht and the final words of appreciation from Jost Hellmann.

Located on an island extending into the Persian Gulf, the Dubai skyscraper lit in the background and the Hellmann geese logo beaming above, the event was a memorable evening.

By Sneha Sajan, Marketing Support Controller – Middle East and South Asia

Feature Image showing: (from left): Francois Coron (Managing Director of UAE), Gordon Barnard (VP of Sales – Middle East and South Asia), Jochen Freese, Jost Hellmann, Matthias Magnor, Dr. Thomas Knecht, Robert Bommers, Madhav Kurup (CEO – Middle East and South Asia), Bart de Vries, Uwe Neumeier, and Dr. Alexander Blum.



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