2.000 Tonnes for Mexico – Hellmann Spain handle extraordinary Project Cargo

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Project Cargo is one of the supreme disciplines of our industry. Each project has its own unique challenges. No transport is like another. And yet it is important to master all challenges precisely and to deliver the extraordinary goods safely and punctually to the consignee. Hellmann Spain recently successfully managed such an extraordinary cargo project.

A total number of nine Electrical Houses (eHouses) had to be transported door-to-door from production site in Spain to Mexico. Point of destination was the “Ciclo Combinado Tierra Mojada” project in Jalisco, Mexico. The total shipment amounted to 2.000 freight tons which were to be shipped with a multipurpose vessel from the port of Bilbao, Spain to Altamira, Mexico. The pre-carriage with a heavy goods vehicle was only one of the challenges to overcome.

For the road transport of the main unit with its dimensions of 17.70 x 6.55 x 4.48 m (L x W x H) and a gross weight 81.00 of tons, Hellmann worked together with the trucking company LASO. The main unit was first loaded onto a 13 axles Self Propelled Modular Transporter (SPMT), and then moved to a second place of loading to switch it onto the main trailer. Accordingly, the main challenge was the width of the massive eHouse. With 6.55 m width the convoy blocked the entire highway from Madrid to Bilbao. Thus, the road transport to the port of Bilbao had to be split in five days trips accompanied by the local Police to secure the convoy.

In the meantime Hellmann Spain coordinated the transport of the remaining eight eHouses out of the Principality of Asturias up to Bilbao in order to have the full set of cargo at the terminal at the same time to match the multipurpose vessel chartered for this operation. Hellmann has been supervising all operations from the loading operations in Madrid, to the full transport to port, including stowing and lashing on board.

“The main challenge of this operation was to take care of all the details such an operation needs in order to match the tight schedule requested by the customer and to be in time at port to match the vessel chartered. Any oversized transport requests very long preparation in order to have everything under control and ensure that everything will work out very smoothly”, says Alexandre Varillon who coordinated the Project Cargo together with Jorge Gutierrez.

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