Combined Transport – Hellmann and bayernhafen expand service for inner-German connections

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From September 2019, Hellmann will be the first logistics service provider between Lower Saxony and Regensburg, Bavaria to expand its existing continental traffic by using craneable mega-semitrailers. With the new intermodal train, Hellmann closes the gap and now offers comprehensive combined transport on all routes throughout Germany.

In order to make the new combined transport connection possible, bayernhafen is demonstrating its infrastructure competence and is adapting the tracks and storage areas previously used elsewhere to the needs of the new intermodal offer at short notice. A new gate will also be installed to record loading capacities. “We see ourselves as site architects at our six Bavarian ports of Aschaffenburg, Bamberg, Nuremberg, Roth, Regensburg, and Passau,” says Joachim Zimmermann, Managing Director of bayernhafen. “This is why we contribute our own planning, construction, and operating expertise to create the necessary infrastructure quickly and flexibly. bayernhafen handles the on-site handling itself.

With the new CT connection, Hellmann now offers its customers the opportunity to load transports directly from road to rail in the Regensburg area as well. Thus, the new offer also meets the current demands of the Federal Government to achieve an increase in rail transports of up to 30 percent over the next eleven years in order to implement the climate targets. In this context, the expansion of combined transport is an important measure to reduce CO2 emissions.

“Together with our partner bayernhafen, we look forward to driving forward the further development of our logistics solutions and networks. We now also have the infrastructure in the Regensburg area that we need for sustainable and above all seamless transport solutions in combined transport.”

Matthias Magnor, COO Road and Rail, Hellmann Worldwide Logistics.

“Every semi-trailer and every swap body that travels by rail over long distances relieves the burden on the road and protects the environment,” says bayernhafen Managing Director Joachim Zimmermann, “the transport of containers between sea and inland ports by inland waterway and rail has long been a successful model. With the new intermodal train between bayernhafen Regensburg and Lower Saxony, continental loads are now also being shifted away from the road to the railways. We look forward to making the new route a successful model together with our strong partner Hellmann. There is still a lot of potential for combined transport in continental routes”.

About bayernhafen
bayernhafen has six locations: Aschaffenburg, Bamberg, Nuremberg, Roth, Regensburg, and Passau – hubs for the worldwide exchange of goods that efficiently link ocean, rail and road transport. In 2018, around 8.8 million tonnes of goods were handled by ship and rail. bayernhafen acts as a location architect who invests in infrastructure and opens up new value-added potential across companies and locations together with the port settlers. 800 ha of total port area and over 400 local companies with more than 13,000 employees make bayernhafen one of the most efficient logistics networks in Europe.

Caption: Klaus Hohberger, Member of the Management Board bayernhafen; Joachim Zimmermann, Managing Director bayernhafen; Matthias Magnor, COO Road & Rail, Hellmann Worldwide Logistics; Dirk Baerbock, Head of Rail Solutions National, Hellmann Worldwide Logistics (from left).

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