Fresh from Mexico – Hellmann Perishable Logistics proudly sponsors Congress of Berries Exporters

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In 2018, 364 thousand tons of various berries were exported from Mexico to the whole world, with a commodity value of more than 2.24 million dollars. This makes the berries one of the most exported agricultural products in Mexico, surpassed only by the typical products of the country, beer and avocados.

Typically, the exports of the “berry industry” are based on Blueberry, Raspberry, Strawberry, and Blackberry. The majority of these berries, 97.6%, find their way to the United States and Canada. However, destinations in Europe, Asia, and South America as far as New Zealand are also becoming increasingly important as export countries.

To further network the industry and increase global exports, the 9th International Congress of the National Association of Berries Exporters (Aneberries) was held in Guadalajara, Mexico from 31 July to 2 August 2019. The annual event was attended by our colleagues:

  • David Scace – Global Vice President Perishable
  • Pablo Rosales – HPL Regional Manager LATAM
  • Ivo Skorin – CEO HPL – Apollo LAX
  • Henning Pottharst – Product Manager Smart Visibility
  • Antonio Garcia – HPL MX Manager
  • Rafael Guerra – HPL MX Specialist
  • Mario Camacho – HPL Product Manager
Rafael Guerra – HPL MX Specialist, Marco Sanchez CS MX Specialist, Joel Villarruel, CS MX Specialist, Pablo Rosales – HPL Regional Manager LATAM, David Scace – Global Vice President Perishable, Ivo Skorin – CEO HPL – Apollo LAX, Mario Camacho – HPL Product Manager, Antonio Garcia – HPL MX Manager (from left).

Hellmann Worldwide Logistics is the only globally active logistics service provider with its Hellmann Perishable Logistics industry solution. Hellmann Worldwide Logistics has a separate division dedicated solely to the food industry. Our aim is to be a reliable and specialized partner for all your needs in the transport of perishable goods.

Whether flowers or food – from origin to destination our dedicated experts are at your side for the transport of perishable goods. Everything you need from a single source. Our employees worldwide are specially trained in the special features of handling your fresh produce and ensure professional and gentle handling in our modern logistics facilities, which are upgraded to the latest standards.

With regard to the most frequently handled perishable goods such as fruit, vegetables and flowers, the right temperature and humidity as well as fast transport with special equipment guarantee the best quality and durability.

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