Night Star Express Hellmann N.V. wins tender for Mazda Motor Logistics Europe

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Mazda Motor Logistics Europe has entered into a long-term partnership with overnight express service provider Night Star Express Hellmann N.V. As part of the partnership which was officially formed on July 1, 2019, Night Star Express Hellmann N.V. delivers several hundred consignments per day from Willebroek in Belgium to Mazda dealerships all over Germany.  Mazda Motor Logistics Europe has joined forces with the Night Star Express network in order to further improve its pre-8 a.m. service to the German Mazda dealership network.

“We are delighted to have Mazda Motor Logistics Europe on board as a high-profile new client for Night Star Express. This partnership is a major step towards boosting our share of overnight deliveries for the automotive sector, which is of key strategic importance for us. The fact that we won the tender for this international contract attests to the quality of our international network and, particularly, the great partnership between the Night Star Express teams in Germany and the Benelux countries.”

Patrick Löwenthal, CEO Night Star Express Hellmann N.V., and Matthias Hohmann, Managing Director of Night Star Express GmbH Logistik.

West hub installed in Düsseldorf

Matthias Hohmann explains: “In order to be able to offer Mazda Motor Logistics Europe later pick-up times and to streamline the transport times from Belgium to Germany, we have set up a West hub in Düsseldorf. Since  July 2019, several heavy goods vehicles, semi-trailers, and vans have been leaving the Mazda spare parts warehouse in Belgium every day over the course of the afternoon and into the evening. After around three hours they arrive at the Night Star Express West hub in Düsseldorf, are unloaded and the consignments are distributed to the appropriate distribution routes within Germany. The team on site has been expanded so that we can guarantee all Mazda dealerships our “first-class” delivery performance by 8 a.m. at the latest, often much earlier. The hub in Düsseldorf also enables us to optimize the overall Night Star express network in Germany.”

Dieter Renne, Manager After-Sales Service at Mazda Motors (Germany), emphasizes that the parts supply process is a crucial element of the Mazda service business for multiple reasons: “In order to remain competitive, we need to offer reliable supplies every night. Because we expect our dealerships to pursue ambitious goals, they also have high expectations of us. The partnership with Night Star Express will help us to live up to these expectations in the future.”

About Night Star Express

Night Star Express is a network of six small and medium-sized traditional logistics service providers. The company has been providing overnight express services since it was founded in 1993. Customer consignments are picked up until the late afternoon and delivered by 8 a.m. the following day at the very latest – in many cases, considerably earlier.

Items are delivered to recipients without requiring a signature. They are documented electronically and can be tracked online from the morning of the delivery on

Overnight express service providers turn night into day. The drivers deliver the goods overnight to precisely defined locations for which they have received a key prior to the first delivery. The drop-off point could be a car boot, a warehouse or a lockable storage box.

The advantage for the recipient is that they receive the goods they require before the start of the working day. Having to wait for the next delivery of parts is no longer necessary. Orders can then be processed first thing in the morning, increasing efficiency in production and service business. It’s a partnership based on trust and quality.

Night Star Express Hellmann is a subsidiary of Hellmann Worldwide Logistics SE & Co. KG and a founding member of the Night Star Express network, which has been offering overnight express deliveries across Europe for over 25 years. The overnight delivery of replacement parts, for example, for the automotive, agricultural or machinery industry, makes up a major part of its business.

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